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Sim-U-Kraft update / web site changes

I’m liking my new free/cheap web hosting. The URL is still the same but some URLs will have changed. the Sim-U-Kraft online store has been down during the change over, but is now back up and running. If you didn’t know, access to the store is built into the mod and allows you to download other people’s buildings and structures then get your Sim-U-Folks to build them in your world. You can also submit your own, just use the Sim-U-Markers to ‘capture’ your building to a file. Then you can upload the file using the link inside the mod to share it with other Sim-U-kraft players.

Anyway, I’m just about done setting everything back up, so I can get back to work adding more stuff to the mod.

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Previous news items

As my RSS news feed now comes here, all the old news items won’t show in the RSS feed, so here are the relevant posts from the old RSS feed…

Satscape Daylight saving fix
Apologies again, the code I altered to fix the leap day on the 1st of March upset the daylight saving code 😦 This is now fixed, please download the latest version of Satscape from the website

Sim-U-Kraft ‘mod’ for Minecraft 1.0.0
Just released my second mod called Sim-U-Kraft (BETA). adds useful AI people to the game to help you build cities, farm, lumberjack and lots more, check out the web page for video tutorials, the manual and everything else.


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Hello everyone,

I’ve decided to close my full web hosting server account with bluehost and use a free wordpress account instead, still keeping the domain name ( so the web address is still the same. Really don’t need the full web site service, wordpress + SugarSync do the job just fine and at a fraction of the cost!

Anyway, on this new site, you can navigate to various pages containing the stuff I make, but also I’ll be making blog posts from time to time which will replace the standard RSS feed I posted too. That feed will now point to the post feed on here from now on.

Use the menu items (top-right) to go to the various pages containing information, download links and screenshots.

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