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Sim-U-Kraft crashy fixy

Just a quick update to what I’m doing with Sim-U-Kraft. I’ve recently discovered what’s causing at least one of the crash-to-desktop bugs (saving chunks and then crashing out of Minecraft). What I’ve found may fix the others too. The main culprit was the miner, if you employ a miner and then go about half a kilometer away, 99% of the time it will crash out (at least on my mac and PC). Changed the code quite a bit and it’s fixed it, so I’m now applying the same changes to the other jobs too and at the same time, overhauling the code, as it has evolved quite a bit since I originally wrote it, so has become quite messy and prone to bugs, it’s now becoming a lot better structured.

I’m also taking this opportunity to make the usage of chests by the Sim-U-Folks a lot better, so every job that they do, they’ll be able to access multiple chests at the various locations they go to, for instance, for mining you’ll be able to drop down several chests (double or single) within a 5 block radius of the mining box and the miner will use them all, as one fills up, he/she will go onto the next one, same goes for builders, fill up several chests full of building materials and leave them to it. Anyway, I’m not even half-way through the jobs available to the Sim-U-Folks, so no update soon, but I think it’s heading towards being the most stable version yet, a little less ‘beta’ anyway!… back to work/play…

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