Sim-U-Kraft and FML

04 Sep

Hello everyone, Recently I’ve been playing with Technic/Tekkit, which if you didn’t know is Minecraft 1.2.5 with 41/51 mods pre-installed and configured to play with each other. I tried dropping Sim-U-kraft into the mix too and it crashed. After a little investigation and tweaking I got it working… So Sim-U-Kraft does work alongside ForgeModLoader (FML) after all! (up to version 3.3.8 for MC 1.2.5)
UPDATE: Sim-U-Kraft 0.8.x and above if fully compatible with FML for MC 1.3.2. So uninstall Risugami’s modloader and install FML instead, FML will load both regular mods and Forge mods.

So, if you’d like to play Sim-U-Kraft with Technic (and Tekkit, but not multiplayer), or you’ve installed mods manually that use ForgeModLoader and doesn’t work with SUK, here’s what you need to do to make them all play together…

DISCLAIMER: Doing this will make your existing SUK worlds not work any more, Eg. The control boxes will turn into something else, the buildings will still be there, but non-functional, so you’d have to rebuild them etc or it may just crash, so it’s up to you, rebuild everything or start a fresh new world.

So, install Sim-U-Kraft as normal, however, if you’re using the Technic launcher (very recommended), as well as the normal .minecraft/mods folder, you will have a .techniclauncher/technic/mods folder (with all the pre-installed mods), so you’ll want to drop SUK in there instead.

Inside the mods/simukraft folder is all the SUK buildings and stuff along with a file called “blockIds.txt” – double click this file to open in Notepad. You need to carefully edit this file, but ONLY the numbers after the “=” signs currently it looks something like:

Building Constructor =210

Change EACH of the numbers so that the first one (building constructor) is 195 (instead of 210), the next one =196…=197 and so on, the last one should be =202 (so they range from 195 to 202 inclusive)

Save the file and start Technic up. This range of IDs are not used by any of the mods in Technic/Tekkit so won’t clash, if you have any other mods, they may clash, so you’ll need to alter it some more.

Hope that helps, Technic is currently using FML 3.3.8 which is the most up-to-date version for Minecraft 1.2.5

Technic is not currently at the time of writing this available for MC 1.3.x, Neither is Sim-U-Kraft.

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