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Software developer (Java, Javascript, Python, C#) and 3D Computer graphics animations enthusiast (Blender, iClone, Muvizu, Moviestorm)

Moved website

Just a quick note to let you know I’ve moved website to

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May the Forge be with you.

Hello everyone, Well, I’m turning to the dark side and using the Forge.
Just wanted to let you know I’m currently working on making Sim-U-kraft a forge mod. Eg. it will use ForgeModLoader instead of Risugami’s Modloader, but also be written specifically to use the features that “Minecraft forge” has to offer. Now it may not work out, I may have to abandon it, but I certainly want to give it a go, and no worries, I have the current Sim-U-Kraft that I can go back to if it doesn’t work out with Forge. So no guarantees, it may not even happen, but just wanted to let you know.

So why the change? There’s certain problems with Sim-U-Kraft causing crashes that I feel I can’t fix using the current system, Forge will help me fix them or not even cause them to happen in the first place. It helps the mod maker to organize and structure the mod a lot better, it even fixes a BIG bug still present in Risugami’s modloader.

I’ve been undecided about switching over to forge for some time, but I think the pros outweigh the cons..


  • Block IDs will change causing your current SUK worlds not to work, all SUK blocks will disappear, so you’ll have to rebuild or start a new world.
  • You’ll have to remove Risugami’s modloader and install ForgeModloader instead. (FML will load BOTH kinds of mods, so if you have a mixture of forge and non-forge mods, FML will load them all up)


  • Stability. All these crashes in SUK 0.8.x version will either be easily fixable or non-existant in the first place.
  • Compatibility with more mods, With modloader block Ids are 0 to 255 with very few spare now days, with Forge, they are 0 to 4096…ample, so no more clashes with other mods.
  • Multiplayer will probably work just fine, maybe not at first, but after adding a few new bits of program code
  • Due to the nice way it structures my program code, less programming code is needed and adding new features is easier.
  • Block IDs no longer scarce will mean I could add 100s of “Decoration blocks” to add a vast amount of variety to your buildings and you can share them with other players as they will have these blocks too.

Anyway, still early days, currently I have the 6 SUK blocks mostly working, and the folks are spawning correctly, you can even push them and hit them just like in MC 1.2.5 versions, but still a lot to do to get everything fully functional. When MC 1.4 comes out (around halloween) I shall release 0.8.4 (using risugami’s modloader) to run with it, which will simply be a few fixes and then re-compiled to work with this new version of MC. So I’ll be working with 2 versions of SUK for a bit, but if it works out, I really think it will be worth the change.

UPDATE (27 oct 2012): Conversion is going very well indeed, the next update of Sim-U-Kraft will be using Forge and will run with Minecraft 1.4.2 and above. No more ‘crashiness’, well, if it does, it will be easily fixed based on debugging so far.

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Sim-U-Kraft and FML

Hello everyone, Recently I’ve been playing with Technic/Tekkit, which if you didn’t know is Minecraft 1.2.5 with 41/51 mods pre-installed and configured to play with each other. I tried dropping Sim-U-kraft into the mix too and it crashed. After a little investigation and tweaking I got it working… So Sim-U-Kraft does work alongside ForgeModLoader (FML) after all! (up to version 3.3.8 for MC 1.2.5)
UPDATE: Sim-U-Kraft 0.8.x and above if fully compatible with FML for MC 1.3.2. So uninstall Risugami’s modloader and install FML instead, FML will load both regular mods and Forge mods.

So, if you’d like to play Sim-U-Kraft with Technic (and Tekkit, but not multiplayer), or you’ve installed mods manually that use ForgeModLoader and doesn’t work with SUK, here’s what you need to do to make them all play together…

DISCLAIMER: Doing this will make your existing SUK worlds not work any more, Eg. The control boxes will turn into something else, the buildings will still be there, but non-functional, so you’d have to rebuild them etc or it may just crash, so it’s up to you, rebuild everything or start a fresh new world.

So, install Sim-U-Kraft as normal, however, if you’re using the Technic launcher (very recommended), as well as the normal .minecraft/mods folder, you will have a .techniclauncher/technic/mods folder (with all the pre-installed mods), so you’ll want to drop SUK in there instead.

Inside the mods/simukraft folder is all the SUK buildings and stuff along with a file called “blockIds.txt” – double click this file to open in Notepad. You need to carefully edit this file, but ONLY the numbers after the “=” signs currently it looks something like:

Building Constructor =210

Change EACH of the numbers so that the first one (building constructor) is 195 (instead of 210), the next one =196…=197 and so on, the last one should be =202 (so they range from 195 to 202 inclusive)

Save the file and start Technic up. This range of IDs are not used by any of the mods in Technic/Tekkit so won’t clash, if you have any other mods, they may clash, so you’ll need to alter it some more.

Hope that helps, Technic is currently using FML 3.3.8 which is the most up-to-date version for Minecraft 1.2.5

Technic is not currently at the time of writing this available for MC 1.3.x, Neither is Sim-U-Kraft.

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I haven’t posted in a while, so here goes. I’ve been pretty quick at getting a Sim-U-Kraft update out soon after or on the day of a Minecraft release, but this time MC 1.3.x is being a real bugger. Mojang have essentially ripped out a whole bunch of program code, so it’s meant a lot of upheaval for mod makers. Mods that simply add new blocks will be fine, the custom blocks in Sim-U-Kraft are working just fine, but mods that add and change a lot of other cool stuff are going to be harder to update.

This major change they’ve made is a good thing though, it’s in preparation for MC 1.4 which will include an official modders “API” currently called Workbench,* mods will no longer have to literally MODify the existing source code, but add/extend things, so in theory all Minecraft “plug-ins” (new name for mods) will work with each other 100%, you as the mod player won’t have to mess with the minecraft.jar or delete the META_INF or any of that horrible stuff, just download a plugin, drop it in the minecraft plugin folder and you’re done. This is what I love about Minecraft, it’s a great game where you can build stuff, either build with blocks or build with program code or both!

*The Mojang API will be ‘ready when its ready’ and was not added to MC 1.4.x

I’ve also been having a go at making my own games, so many people have made MC clones, so I’m certainly not going down that route. I like to write software either because no one has done a particular thing yet, or they have but made a bad job of it. So Minecraft doesn’t fit into these categories, Notch and Jeb couldn’t have done a better job at making the most addictive and fun game ever created (so far). My own games may not match up to MC, but I’ll certainly have a go 🙂 Programming is fun, it may not look it if you’ve ever seen Notch streaming himself writing a game live on UStream or Twitch. It involves a lot of starring at the screen and shouting “Why isn’t that working!” a few times.

Anyway, just thought I’d post something. Keep an eye on the Sim-U-Kraft page for news about the next update. I want to get it out ASAP, but no, I don’t know how long it’s going to take. To a programmer, time is an Abstract Class 🙂

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Satscape application update

Hello, recent changes to my website broke the connection for the satscape database file that holds all the information about each satellite and displays frequencies etc in the application. This has now been fixed, apologies for the delay in fixing it.

All you need do is download the new version off the website, unzip the file and copy the contents over your old version. Next time it updates the keplerian elements, it will now also get the latest database file.

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Sim-U-Kraft crashy fixy

Just a quick update to what I’m doing with Sim-U-Kraft. I’ve recently discovered what’s causing at least one of the crash-to-desktop bugs (saving chunks and then crashing out of Minecraft). What I’ve found may fix the others too. The main culprit was the miner, if you employ a miner and then go about half a kilometer away, 99% of the time it will crash out (at least on my mac and PC). Changed the code quite a bit and it’s fixed it, so I’m now applying the same changes to the other jobs too and at the same time, overhauling the code, as it has evolved quite a bit since I originally wrote it, so has become quite messy and prone to bugs, it’s now becoming a lot better structured.

I’m also taking this opportunity to make the usage of chests by the Sim-U-Folks a lot better, so every job that they do, they’ll be able to access multiple chests at the various locations they go to, for instance, for mining you’ll be able to drop down several chests (double or single) within a 5 block radius of the mining box and the miner will use them all, as one fills up, he/she will go onto the next one, same goes for builders, fill up several chests full of building materials and leave them to it. Anyway, I’m not even half-way through the jobs available to the Sim-U-Folks, so no update soon, but I think it’s heading towards being the most stable version yet, a little less ‘beta’ anyway!… back to work/play…

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Sim-U-Kraft update / web site changes

I’m liking my new free/cheap web hosting. The URL is still the same but some URLs will have changed. the Sim-U-Kraft online store has been down during the change over, but is now back up and running. If you didn’t know, access to the store is built into the mod and allows you to download other people’s buildings and structures then get your Sim-U-Folks to build them in your world. You can also submit your own, just use the Sim-U-Markers to ‘capture’ your building to a file. Then you can upload the file using the link inside the mod to share it with other Sim-U-kraft players.

Anyway, I’m just about done setting everything back up, so I can get back to work adding more stuff to the mod.

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