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Satscape application update

Hello, recent changes to my website broke the connection for the satscape database file that holds all the information about each satellite and displays frequencies etc in the application. This has now been fixed, apologies for the delay in fixing it.

All you need do is download the new version off the website, unzip the file and copy the contents over your old version. Next time it updates the keplerian elements, it will now also get the latest database file.

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Hello everyone,

I’ve decided to close my full web hosting server account with bluehost and use a free wordpress account instead, still keeping the domain name ( so the web address is still the same. Really don’t need the full web site service, wordpress + SugarSync do the job just fine and at a fraction of the cost!

Anyway, on this new site, you can navigate to various pages containing the stuff I make, but also I’ll be making blog posts from time to time which will replace the standard RSS feed I posted too. That feed will now point to the post feed on here from now on.

Use the menu items (top-right) to go to the various pages containing information, download links and screenshots.

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