CG Animated Videos

Back in December 2009 I started making animated short films, mainly comedy sketches. I use several different programs, Reallusion iClone, Moviestorm and Muvizu, also Blender 2.5. Each have a free version to play with! Using these programs almost anyone can make their own films and animations, there’s even growing communities to share your work and even collaborate with, the most popular is TMU.

My Machinima/CGI Films and Videos Playlist

“The Duleks” – Animated sitcom about a family of Dr Who Daleks

Series 1 (6 episodes)

What people are saying about The Duleks

“…Bloody brilliant. Funny as all hell!” ~ Biggstrek
“..I loved it, more, more!” ~ Philip Cole
“…good, silly fun” ~ David Brown
“…Oh wow, that was hilarious” ~ Steven Dyson
“…I had to come back to watch this one again” ~ Papasmrfe
“…The more I watch, the more I love the Duleks family” ~ Taucher002
“…Outrageously good!” ~ ReallusioniPhone
“…Great series” ~ Christy0

Voice actors

I’d like to thank the voice actors who have volunteered their time to help me make this show.
Philip Cole, Dulci Naya, Jorge Campos, and Norrie Sinclair.


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