Welcome to my web site, I’m Scott Hather. I’m “middle-aged” and live in Nottingham, England. I’m a creative person and more or less everything I create is on this website.

I regard myself as a Geek, which was an insult in the 1980s, but nowadays it’s pretty cool. My hobbies are software developing (yes, it IS fun!) in Java, Javascript, and PHP. I’ve written “Satscape” a free satellite tracking program, “Sim-U-Kraft” a ‘mod’ or add-on for the hit indie game “Minecraft”. I’m also working on writing my own game (very early alpha development stage)

Another hobby is creating computer animated videos/films, sometimes known as “Machinima”, I’ve made mainly short comedies including a series about a family of Dr Who Daleks called “The Duleks” (changed the name slightly so as not to infringe any copyright)

So, look around, hope you find something entertaining or interesting.

Scott Hather


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