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Technical Support and Help

Unfortunately, nothing ever works 100% of the time, software especially. So, if you’re having trouble running Satscape, anything from a slight glitch to a total crash to desktop, this page will give you some useful information to potentially fix the problem yourself in a matter of minutes, no technical know-how required, just follow the step by step procedures.

Factory Reset of Satscape

You could try a factory reset of Satscape, this will wipe out your Satscape favourite satellites, latitude/longitude etc, so you may want to make a note of them if you can.

Heres how to do this, the satscape settings are stored in one folder on your hard drive, which is in a different location depending on what operating system you have, so first locate this folder…

Windows 98 or XP : C:\Documents and settings\YOUR NAME\Satscape\
Windows Vista or Windows 7 : C:\Users\YOUR NAME\Satscape\
Mac/Linux : /Users/YOUR NAME/Satscape/

The most simple way is to rename the Satscape folder to ‘Satscape-backup’ and then start up Satscape, it will see there is no satscape folder, and so recreate all the default/factory settings again for you
and that should fix the problem. If it does not fix the problem, simply rename it back so that you don’t loose your settings!

-> 2D or 3D view not working?

If you have an old PC, these views may not work, they require a video card capable of 3D graphics, heres some things you can do to potentially fix the problem.

Still not fixed?

PLEASE NOTE: “Satscape” is both the name of my satellite tracking program as well as my Minecraft name, so if you’re looking for help with my Minecraft add-on “Sim-U-Kraft”, check out that page instead….otherwise….
If all else fails, please go to the Satscape support forum, look through the messages there to see if theres a similar problem to yours. If you don’t see one, then please post a description of your problem as a message to this forum, and either myself or another Satscape user will try to help you.


2 responses to “Satscape Support

  1. kc9nrb

    May 2, 2012 at 4:47 PM

    Trying to modify this so it will run on android. Have correct java version but can’t get the jar to run. Any suggestions?

    • Satscape

      May 2, 2012 at 7:07 PM

      As far as I know, the 3D/2D view (which uses Java3D) won’t run on Android, so not even attempted it myself. I think I’d start from scratch if I were to make an Android version, probably use jMonkeyEngine to do the 2D/3D view as it’s win/mac/android compatible.