logoAlarmcraft adds a red box to minecraft that sounds off an array of different alarm sound effects when it receives a redstone pulse/signal. Perfect for mob alarms, door chimes etc. It works with regular redstone levers, buttons , tripwire, pressure plates and redstone wire, as well as redstone pulses from other mods such as Computercraft’s Computers and turtles, Buildcraft’s logic gates, and any mod that emits redstone signals will trigger these alarm boxes.

But wait, there’s more! A extra setting will set up these boxes as a bomb, perfect for making minefields and other traps. There’s no fuse delay as with TNT, they detonate right away, making a substantial explosion, large enough to take out several people or mobs in one go. This mod is Multi-player server compatible (SMP & Share to LAN), so alarm your friends or blow up their house when they walk through their front door!

alarmcraftcraftingAlarm boxes are crafted with Iron ingots, a piece of redstone and a lever.

RequiredDownload and run Forge INSTALLER. (…884)

Double click it, or right-click it and choose “Open with Java Platform”
Leave all settings as they are, click OK..Done…Do not touch the Minecraft.jar file, do not delete the meta_inf. *slaps your wrist*
Alarmcraft is now OPEN SOURCE:

Download Alarmcraft release1 for Minecraft 1.6.4

Download Alarmcraft release1 for Minecraft 1.6.2

Drop the alarmcraft zip file into your .minecraft/mods folder, do not unzip it, do not touch the minecraft.jar file!
SMP server owners: use the forge installer to install Forge server, then drop the above file into your server’s mods folder.

There’s no forum page or wiki for this mod, as it’s so simple. Also I don’t plan on adding much more to it, it’s pretty much done. However if you’d like to comment or ask a question about it, post a comment on the youTube video below. As with all my mods, feel free to add this to your mod packs and distribute freely in it’s original form, and if you could mention on your website that the mod author is “Satscape”, thanks.

Here’s a video of me demonstrating Alarmcraft. It is very simple to use!

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